No, there is no way of finding out exactly when an app was purchased, but you can go to the App Store and select Updates, then go to Purchased and see if the app was purchased (paid or free) before/after other apps. How to spot ... installed. Find an App That You Installed on Your iPhone. Here are our tips on how to recognize if you have a tracking app ... Are you being tracked? But, if you have an earlier version of iTunes, they still work. How to identify 32-bit apps you have installed. ... How to identify battery hogs on your iPhone and iPad. Find iPhone App Size Using iTunes. Follow this link for new instructions. Apple may be keeping track of unique identification numbers (UDIDs) of jailbroken devices via the App Store, but it would seem restoring your phone as new will remove all traces of a jailbreak Update Or Restore Your Jailbroken iPhone Or iPad To Stock The Right Way Update Or Restore Your Jailbroken iPhone Or iPad To Stock The Right Install and launch the app tap your app's entry General. I'm trying to find out when I last installed a specific app on my iPhone. To understand this, you need to understand that the Find My iPhone service, the app, and how you use them are very different things. Firstly, you should tell us what happened to your iPhone. ... way to tell when an app was installed ... the date the application was last installed. Whatever character I use I just get a few applications showing. ... to your iPhone. Comes with regular updates for thousands of apps and installed apps as Finding installed apps via Settings. ... would be able to tell if one of these apps was installed. Because of the tight security Apple puts into its iOS operating system, it's next to impossible to install spyware on an iPhone unless it's been jailbroken. I believe my girlfriend has added a tracker app to my iphone. 1. Think someone installed spy app on my iPhone. You can also click the "Install" or "Remove" button next to each app in the list to accomplish the same task. I know the app's name but I'm trying to find out when I last installed it. App Detective. After installing and launching it, go into Applications tap on your app's entry View Details. NOTE: As of iTunes 12.7, apps are no longer part of iTunes. The Find My iPhone service is The first and most common type of iPhone spyware is a Hidden Spy App that is installed on the device. A simple search lists all your iOS apps ... How to Install Apps Removed from the App Store ... Can You Install Apps on the iPod nano? How to quickly get a list of all the apps installed on your iPhone or iPad Don't scroll screen by screen. You can also hold Command / Ctrl to select multiple individual apps. This will This is possible because the Find My iPhone app isn't required for tracking your iPhone. If you fear that someone might already have installed this iPhone Spyware ... to get rid of iPhone Spyware but ... my apps and all. How can you tell if an app has been downloaded but deleted from your iPhone? Home Blog How to Detect If Your Cellphone Is Being Tapped, Tracked, Monitored or Spied On. Think someone installed spy app on my iPhone. Do you want to check app version on iPhone or iPad? These apps can be uninstalled on jailbroken devices so if any are missing then the iPhone is jailbroken. You can find the version of iOS or iPod software installed on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod with your device or in iTunes. I have checked out the settings. That means that these steps aren't possible anymore. ... How to identify 32-bit apps on your Mac. The list is sorted by newest on the top. Bump (and others) recently pushed out an update for their iPhone app which allows users to detect their installed apps, and then share recommendations.